The red Queen of the sky

The beach is always the best place to dedicate a tiny moment for yourself. Even if you're not alone but with others who came to say hello or goodbye for the Queen of the sky. A cosy white noise of the swash surrounds everyone with unifying feeling. We all hear the same water, we all see the same sun, however, we all are with different minds and feelings. Enjoy the wonderful sunset, always find some time for yourself. 


Spring is in the air

There are so many things to do in the park. That is how Amsterdam Westerpark looks like in warm spring afternoon. Each patch of the grass is occupied and valuable. Would you like to dance, sing, read or just chill in? Whatever you enjoy... Spring is always welcome!


Paris Mon Amour. Part II

By naming the previous post "Part I" I kind of promised that there will a countunuation. But this time I'm leaving aside Parisians and concentrate mostly on the city as it is itself. Just few shots, but the ones I like the most :)